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FREE Gardening Classes for 2017

If your Church or other organization would be interested in having me do a gardening class on how to use the WaterStick Grow System, so you can grow MORE food using LESS water, LESS and BETTER fertilizers, and ZERO toxic pesticides, please email me  Click HERE to Email


I am going to be teaching a FREE gardening class at the Etowah Community Center in Etowah Tennessee on March 18th 2017 at 1:00 PM.  If you would like to purchase BOTH books while you are at the class, you can buy the 2 book set for $25.00 ( you save $5.00) and you won’t have to pay shipping charges. This is a FREE class and you are NOT obligated to purchase the books to attend the class !!!!  Hope to see you there !!!!  If you are coming to the class and would like me to reserve a set of books for you, please email me HERE and I will bring them to class and you can pay for them then.

04-24-2014 Giant Spinach Leaves 0104-24-2014 Giant Spinach Leaves 02


07-26-2015 Me and Better Boy Tomato Plants 0105-05-2015 Garden 2 Lettuce Spinach Potatoes 01

Top 2 photos are of my Spring Spinach that grows HUGE leaves. Simply put, this is the BEST tasting Spinach you will ever eat !!!!!!!

Bottom photos (Left) 13 Foot tall Better Boy Tomato Plants and (Right) Spring Salad Garden after eating out of it for 7 weeks (still full-it keeps growing back) !!!

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