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09-14-2016 Reporter Greg Moses Comes to St Paul’s

09-14-2016 Reporter Greg Moses from the Daily Post Athenian came to St Paul’s UMC today to speak to Pastor Jason Humberd and myself about the Church gardens and their function in the community. He also wanted to see our GIANT tomato plants !!!! Over the years I’ve gotten better at doing interviews, but Jason was fantastic. The article won’t be out until sometime next week so I don’t want to give anything away. I know the first photo will be in the article but I wanted you to see how we have to pick the tomatoes now. I let Jason handle that part. I’ll post it here when I know when the article will be out.

If you want to hear what Pastor Jason Humberd does BEST, please feel free to attend the Sunday service at 11:00 am at St Paul’s United Methodist Church at the corner of 8th St & Georgia Ave in Etowah Tn.

09-07-2016-jon-dewey-and-jason-humberd-01 09-07-2016-picking-tomatoes-at-st-pauls-gardens

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