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The Better Boy Tomato Plants

grow big plantsMay 24th 2014   The Better Boy Tomato Plants have grown quite a bit in the last 3 weeks. Now that they are this big, you will really notice how much bigger and bushier the plants get after you give them their weekly doses of Super42Vitalizer and BUG JUICE. Soon these plants will be huge and full of tomatoes. This photo was taken right before giving these plants a dose of BUG JUICE. I will wait 3 days, then give them a dose of Super42Vitalizer. I will take another photo 24 hours after I give these plants the Super42Vitalizer and post it in a future Blog.

Growing Red Romaine Lettuce

Gardens_05-03-2014_09May 03, 2014 This is the first year I’ve grown Red Romaine Lettuce. It tastes GREAT !!! The leaves seem to pretty much grow straight up, and makes picking individual leaves much easier than the Green Romaine. The one “downside” if you call it that, is that the Red Romaine is not as thick as the Green, and does not crisp-up as much as the Green. The fantastic flavor of the Red MORE than makes up for it not getting as crispy as the Green. As you can see in this photo (from left to right), the Red Romaine, Green Romaine, and Spinach are all doing wonderful. A great healthy salad doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Better Boy Tomato Plants

Gardens_05-03-2014_01May 03, 2014 In the original garden we have planted 2 Better Boy Tomato Plants, 16 Bell Pepper Plants, Red Romaine, Green Romaine, Spinach, and Norland Potatoes. The new garden has 12 Tomato Plants. 3 Rutgers, 3 Celebrity, 3 Early Girl, and 3 Health Kick. Everything seems to be doing well.

New garden planted with 12 young tomato plants

Gardens30    April 15th New garden planted with 12 young tomato plants.

The plastic cover is attached to the hoops. The ends are open during the day to allow air to flow through the garden to keep it from getting too hot, and are easily closed at nighttime to protect the plants from frost or before strong storms.

Grow more Vegetables with the waterstick grow system

waterstick grow system gardenHere is the first photo of our new garden we had built for season 2014. It turned out even nicer than the original one we had built last year. The arched hoops and supports are removable. This arch will be covered with plastic in the spring to protect the plants from frost and the strong Spring storms we have here, that could damage the young plants.