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WaterStick Grow System

GIANT Spinach Grown with The MultiPlant WaterStick®

April 24, 2015 – These are normal Spinach plants grown to GIANT proportions by using The MultiPlant WaterStick®, and my Organic Pest Repellents / Organic Fertilizers, in my NEW BOOK, The 20 FOOT Tomato Plant II The Next Season.  Just so you will know, even at this GIANT size, they are Tender and Tasty. It only takes a couple leaves to make a HUGE salad with plants like this !!!!!! Click on the photos to make them BIGGER !!!!

04-24-2014 Giant Spinach Leaves 01   04-24-2014 Giant Spinach Leaves 02

Growing Lettuce Spinach & Potatoes with the MultiPlant WaterStick®

April 24, 2015 In a 4 foot x 4 foot section of Garden #2, we are growing 3 different types of Lettuce ( Red and Green Romaine and Simpson ), Spinach, and Red Norland Potatoes, using MultiPlant WaterSticks. This section is PACKED full of food and NO wasted space !!! AND, we are doing it using 75%+ LESS water and fertilizer, than the average gardener who does surface watering/fertilizing.  Click on the photos to make them bigger !!!

04-24-2015 Garden 2 Lettuce Spinach 0204-24-2015 Garden 2 Lettuce Spinach 05

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In my first book The 20 FOOT Tomato Plant I teach you how to build the WaterStick. A device that allows you to water, fertilize, and give my organic pest repellents to your plants directly at ROOT level. You use up to 75% LESS water, fertilizer, and organic pest repellent than by doing surface watering. Basically put, you use LESS water to grow MORE food. If you garden in a state where DROUGHT is prevalent , this device will come in VERY handy, helping you conserve WATER, grow LOTS of food, which will help save you MONEY !!!!

For those of you who have bought the book and either don’t have the time or capability to build your own WaterSticks, I have partnered with a very reputable company ( Sanders Irrigation in Chattanooga TN ), to manufacture and sell the WaterStick for me. This is the ONLY company allowed to manufacture and sell The WaterStick !!!!!

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Still Growing Vegetables In December

Still Growing Vegetables 12-12-2014

December 12, 2014 and we are still growing vegetables in Garden #2. We are growing Broccoli, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, and Carrots. In my 2nd book The 20 FOOT Tomato Plant II – The Next Season, I teach you how to build this Garden, Hoop Frame, and a new way to HEAT your Garden for as little as .25¢ a DAY !!! I also teach you how to build / make several other of my inventions for gardening NOT seen in Book I. We’re hoping to have Book II up for sale by late January or early February, so keep checking our website.

August 1st 2014 Me and Tomato Garden No.2

08-01-2014_Me_and_New_Garden_01Aug. 1st 2014 This is the last photo taken of Tomato Garden No. 2 before the thunderstorms of Aug. 20th that destroyed my gardens and MANY others in our area. The ONLY tomato plants to make it through the storm were my Better Boys in Garden No. 1., and even they were severely damaged. Before the storm they were 12 1/2 FEET tall. After the storm, they were 8 FEET tall. It is making it very difficult to pick tomatoes from them squashed down like that, but it is too difficult and dangerous to try to prop them back up, so we are doing the best we can with what is left in the garden. When all the green tomatoes in Garden No. 2 ripen, we will pull all the plants and get ready to replant with our Fall crops of Red and Green Romaine lettuce, Spinach, and Broccoli.

August 1st 2014 Me and Both Gardens

08-01-2014_Me_and_Both_Gardens_01Aug. 1st 2014  This is the second of three blogs of the last photos taken of the gardens before the thunderstorms of Aug. 20th. I could barley stand or walk for several weeks, so I missed a lot of photo ops in August before the storm. This one is of both gardens and you can see how wonderful they were doing.  Just before the storm, the Better Boys had reached 12 1/2 FEET tall and the tomato plants in garden 2 were mostly 8 to 10 feet tall.

Over 10 FEET Tall Tomato Plants

08-01-2014_Me_and_10_Foot_Better_Boys_01Aug 1st 2014  This photo and the next couple blogs were the last photos taken in the gardens before the Thunderstorms of Aug. 20th, that destroyed many gardens in our area ( not just mine ). I was having trouble standing and walking, so I missed out on any further photo ops before the storm. The Better Boys were a little over 10 FEET tall when this photo was taken.

A view of both gardens

07-13-14_Me_And_Both_Gardens_04July 13th 2014 Me and both gardens. As you can see, ALL the tomato plants are doing well, but the Better Boys are the KINGS on the garden. The Bell Peppers are still producing and we just transplanted 3 Tigger Melon plants and 2 new Beefsteak Tomato Plants into the original garden.