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Almost 10 FEET Tall Tomato Plants at St Paul’s

08-07-2016 The Tomato Plants at St Paul’s UMC in Etowah TN, are getting so big and heavy with tomatoes, that some of the poles that help hold up the plants were leaning badly and needed to be straightened up and pounded into the ground more.

Most of the tomato plants are right at or just under 10 FEET tall. That height is NOT counting the 2 foot high garden they are planted in.

I finally got a few photos of two of the other people so vital in maintaining the gardens. The first is Larry Parker, who was there cleaning out Garden #1, and getting it ready for Fall planting and was a huge help tying up the tomato plants in garden #2. The other was our Pastor with arms of steel and a heart of gold, Jason Humberd. Check out him swinging that 10 pound mallet, pounding  those poles in place.

08-07-2016 Larry Parker Next To Tomato Plants S 04  08-07-2016 Jason Hamering Pole S 02 08-07-2016 Jason Hamering Pole S 01

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